School Supplies Campaign 2021

Auburn Elementary School Supply Evant Recap

This summer the Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church busily prepared to serve the families and children of Auburn Elementary School (AES) by providing those in need with their school supplies. This ministry required prayer, volunteers, and financial support. The event to distribute the school supplies was held at the church on Sunday, August 1st.

Our gratitude goes to everyone that participated by receiving and storing supplies in their homes (not a small task), attended the AES Open House to hand out flyers (you gave our church a friendly face), setting up the fellowship hall, packing, assembling, and praying.

Thank you to all who came out on Sunday for the event. Church members registered guests to receive school supplies and surveys were taken to help determine other needs in our community. The assembly line of volunteers skillfully and cheerfully built bags of school supplies as the children went through the line. Before leaving, the final stop for the families was the prayer corner. Most were receptive and even desired, the opportunity to pray. God has blessed the Auburn Church to be His light in our community. This church does not lack willing hands and feet to serve. For other service opportunities please see Pastor Carty, the Elders, or the Personal Ministries Director, Bonnie Alley. For the past several years our church has been purchasing school supplies for the children at Auburn Elementary School. This means it’s time to begin that process to be ready when school starts in August. Your donations in the past have been very much appreciated and we hope you will be able to contribute again this year.

If you would like to be part of this special ministry, please slip your check/cash in a tithe envelope and mark it “Tiger Fund.”

Thank you so much for helping to make a difference in the life of a child.

Volunteers Needed!

The Tiger Team leader, Bonnie Alley, will be starting soon to order the school supplies for Auburn Elementary School. With that in mind, she is looking for volunteers that will be willing to have the school supplies delivered to their home and stored until the end of July. Supplies will be delivered by Amazon, UPS, or the like. If you would be willing, please contact Bonnie. Thank you one and all for your willingness to help with this huge undertaking.
As the saying goes,

“It takes a village.”

In this case, it’s our church family.
Thank you again!


July 30th – For those who have graciously stored school supplies in your homes, please bring those supplies to the church on Friday, July 30th at 7:45 pm.

July 31st – Volunteers are needed to prepare to package school supplies after church on Sabbath, July 31 st.

August 1st – Volunteers are needed to distribute school supplies to the Auburn Elementary School students on Sunday, August 1st from 2 pm – 6 pm, and kindly ask all volunteers to arrive at the church fellowship hall by 1:30 pm.

Please contact Bonnie Alley for more information.