Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program


For our community, the Auburn SDA Church is hosting the Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program for the 4th time. We have found it to be extremely effective at significantly decreasing depression and anxiety or removing it completely from people lives. If you or someone you know suffers from these mental health disorders or kindred issues we invite you to participate!

The Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program has been shown to significantly reduce (or completely reverse) both depression and anxiety in 94% of cases.


·         Identify depression and anxiety and their causes

·         Improve your emotional intelligence

·         Enhance your energy levels and mood

·         Overcome depression and/or anxiety through positive lifestyle choices

·         Eat for optimal brain function

·         Manage stress without distress

·         Live above loss

·         Improve brain function

·         Defeat depression and anxiety with right thinking

·         Achieve peak mental performance

If you have more questions please contact:

Pastor Joseph Carty (770) 827-6989