Day of fasting and prayer

Day of Fasting and Prayer for 2021

The first Sabbath of each quarter will always be a day of prayer and fasting (as well as communion). We encourage each person to spend some time fasting. If you are young, old, or otherwise have health concerns that keep you from fasting from food, we recommend that you fast from something else that distracts you from focusing on prayer. 

I’m welcoming and encouraging everyone who is able to stay after church for a power hour of prayer. You will be surprised by how fast the hour of prayer goes. If you haven’t yet experience an hour of united prayer like this you really don’t want to miss it.

If you are not able to join us for prayer in person here are the prayer themes you can meditate upon at home. 

  1. Seeking to have a heart like Jesus
  2. Our Building Project
  3. The 4th of July Ministry
  4. The VBS Ministry
  5. The Tiger School Supplies Project

For those who are at home, there is an option to join the GCC prayer line. The phone number for that is 732-434-2374. You may join that prayer line from 8-9am or 1-8pm