Corona Virus Reopening Plan

Dear Members and Friends of the Auburn SDA Church,

The Church board has been working through a process of developing plans to make the continued re-opening process smooth and as safe as possible.

I was recently made aware that the state of Georgia is still requiring a gathering limit of no more than 50 people in a room. More people have been coming to church lately and we are looking at ways that we can apply more safety measures to align with state and local recommendations. Please see the attached document for more details. 

Please remember a few things. First, attendance at church is in no way required or expected. Anyone, regardless of any elected position, may choose to stay home. Each individual should evaluate for themselves when they feel it is safe for them to return to worship in person. Until then, please feel free to continue worshiping with us online. We only ask that if you are fulfilling a leadership role that you keep in touch so we know how to work with you. 

Second, this is a difficult time for each of us. There are many differing opinions about procedures that should be put in place. We have done our very best to create environments where each family may be as satisfied as possible. If the circumstances are not exactly as you would desire them, please accept our sincere apology.   

Finally, we are open to ideas and our policies are not written in stone. We will be updating the policies as the circumstances change, and as best fits the needs of our congregation.   

All of this being said, Satan will take advantage of every opportunity to divide. Please, let us not allow him to succeed in this matter. What we need more than ever during these unprecedented times is unity. Please seek this with us by being understanding of others views and uniting in prayer and worship whenever possible.   

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to the ways that God will work these situations out for good. 

Blessings to you and yours, 
Pastor Joseph Carty