children's dental month

2021 National Children’s Dental Month

February is National Children’s Dental Month.

How can we help to create healthy smiles?

Every February we take the opportunity to have a toothbrush campaign for the children at Auburn Elementary School. We are grateful that God has placed us in this mission field and that He has opened doors for us to serve in the Auburn community.

There are two ways you can prayerfully consider helping. You can purchase toothbrushes and leave them in the box that will be in the foyer or you can donate funds. If you donate funds, please mark your tithe envelope, “Toothbrush campaign.” With these funds, we can purchase in bulk at a discounted rate. The campaign will run through the month of February.

– Did you know . . .

● The enamel on the top surface of your tooth is the hardest part of your entire body.

● The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself.

● You can only see 1/3 of your tooth. The other 2/3 is hidden under your gums.

● 90% of system diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, have connections to your oral health.

● Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease

● Tooth decay is the second most common disease, second only to the common cold.