Gene Brewer

Dr. Gene Brewer has been a principal at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, served as superintendent in charge of forty-five schools and as a Development Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction.

He was principal of a multi-cultural school with over fifty nationalities represented in the student body.  Using Jungian Psychology as a basis, he researched the correlation of temperament types with brain quadrant preference.  His work validated the use of temperament types and brain quadrant leads as models for adapting instructional strategies to address student diversity.

He has presented at numerous conferences including the Learning/Brain Expo and the National Staff Development Council.  He holds a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, a masters degree in Educational Administration, and an earned doctorate in Curriculum with an emphasis on Learning Theory.

He co-authored the book Your Brain Has A Bent — Not A Dent.  Closely associated with the work of Dr. Bernice McCarthy, Dr. Brewer is a member of the About Learning Consultants Group.